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The latest fashion and modern style at a reasonable price. It`s possible at the “Shagal” (Eng. “step”, “walk”, “go”) shoes and accessories gallery in Krasnoyarsk city.  Each shelf emphasizes the uniqueness of the shoes model range by its original aesthetics and tempts the buyer with boots, lace-up shoes, stilettos, patent-leather shoes, ankle boots, high boots, handbags and delightfully gentle scarves useful for harmonious detail of stylish personal clothes. Here you are surrounded by comfortable sofas, soft sounds of melodious music, mobile and genuinely smiling ready-for-help shop-assistants. Appeasing atmosphere of a wide choice allows you to forget about everyday problems and plunge into your own unusually pleasing reality of beauty even for a time.

The magic atmosphere attracts like a magnet many citizens of Krasnoyarsk wishing to renew their closet with bright special appeal of high-quality fashionable shoes and detail of clothes. Many customers return again and again and often they come with friends or family as price doesn`t scare here, but democratic and even allure with good discounts.

"Oh, look, what wonderful boots. With such a stylish dressing! So warm, graceful and beautiful. That is what I`m looking for! "- girl tried on shoes and looked at her guy pleased. "What comfortable they are and size up! Don`t want to take off!" Five minutes later the happy young couple left the cosy, but already crowed “Shagal”, with a packed up purchase in the hands and joyful smiles. There's nothing like new shoes to brighten a woman's day.

At this pleasant atmosphere I had a chance to talk to Irina Yaroslavtseva about the best offers of Krasnoyarsk shoe market. She is the founder of the “Shagal” network. The conversation was very informative and useful for those who like fashionable and beautiful shoes of high quality.
Today the "Shagal" shoe gallery with a poetic and mysterious name has several showrooms located on the both banks of the Enisey River in our city - in such shopping centres as «Kvant» and «Krasnoyarie». Galleries have got a good reputation and considerable popularity among the townspeople. But even 10 years ago its creator Irina Yaroslavtseva only began her career in Krasnoyarsk footwear business. The debut was successful and boutiques became trendy and comfortable service salons of one brand few years later.

Irina initiated into a success story: “The name and logo for the shoe gallery was born in wide creative search. We succeeded to implement a delicate concept together with professionals of an advertising agency. We wanted to create image-bearing, capacious and catchy name as people say a ship will sail the way you name it”. Judging by appearances of the “Shagal” shoe gallery founder we can see the elegance of her business. Irina is stylish and charming woman. The truth is that being a housewife and having a sublime husband, she got an idea to implement her passion for shoes aesthetics.
“I am attracted to shoes indeed. At home I have about 300 pairs of different shoes. There are even new unworn pairs”, Irina Yaroslavtseva told with a smile. – “But this is not an effort to startle or just a crazy hobby. I'd say that it`s up-to-date attitude to things”. “Official statistics confirms my opinion: the English have up to 7 pairs of shoes per year, the German - 5 pairs, but in Russia people have only 2 pairs. And taking into account the climatic conditions in our country, this figure shouldn`t be lower than in Europe. I`m convinced that Russian women, especially who live in Siberia, must have from 50 to 100 pairs of shoes – house slippers, high heels, shoes for any season, casual boots, evening shoes and sport shoes.

Of course, such pleasure requires money. But stylish shoes of high-quality could have a reasonable price. It is easy to make sure. You need just to visit “Shagal” showrooms. First of all, shoes represented there are for those people who are fairly well off. Moreover, we offer deliberately expensive shoes available for middle-class segment in the "Krasnoyarie" shopping centre. Showroom at the "Kvant" shopping centre demonstrates footwear range for people with average income or a little bit above. The price range of woman's shoes is from 2 to 3 thousand rubles for pumps or sandals and from 5 to 7 thousand for boots.”

“And even so you won`t see mass-produced items, but high-quality models, sometimes a designer's piece work made in the latest world fashion trends”, Irina said. “To pamper the Siberian with an elegant European style, we have opened the second department in the "Kvant" shopping centre. Here you can find not only trendy woman shoes, but also various accessories which expressively decorate ladies' look.”

Irina says this showroom was quickly liked by customers. Even though the shop was opened at the height of the crisis, the goods here are never in poor demand. Practice confirms that an undoubted risk was reasonable as meanwhile many outlets in the city were shut down, quite the contrary “Shagal” took a step towards customers. The success had encouraged and soon in the regional centre one more “Shagal” showroom was set up also with elite offers of leading European brands.

“We heed trends of the world fashion and give for Krasnoyarsk truly advanced and wide choice”, Irina emphasized. “Collection of footwear and accessories for sale is based on my own impressions after exhibitions visited in Italy, France, and Hong Kong. For example, we already form custom tailoring orders to summer 2011 according to European fashion trends”.

“I must say our customers are grateful. Demand breeds supply. We don`t foist wishes but consider. Today people have a lot of sources to get information about fashion; for example, one of such sources is Europe. Besides Internet, there are glossies with razzle-dazzle of multibrands. Such magazines are very like a Book of Books for today`s youth.

My regular trip to Milan fashion show gave me a curious meeting with Italian manufacturer. He carries on his family business of shoe leather currying. It was started six centuries ago. In addition Italians had suggested some few prospecting business proposals and results of its discussion urged us to open one more “Shagal” showroom in the near future. Customers will find shoes of best world manufacturers there, and above all, Italian. Of course, this showroom will be oriented to wealthy customers who are able to pay from 10 up to 40 thousand rubles for a pair of shoes. The network of our showrooms will satisfy even most sophisticated requirements of shoe fashion connoisseurs here.”

Irina Yaroslavtseva believes in successful steps of shoes from “Shagal” in Siberia. There is a point in that as “Shagal” offers models of high quality in addition to acceptable price for customers of different aesthetic tastes and opportunities.

“Footwear is made at up-to-date factories abroad. These factories work according to the brands` advanced technology of world fashion”, Irina stressed. “Output is tested to the very pith for quality. By the way, many leading Western fashion designers do make their shoes abroad exactly through such scrupulousness about the factory production technology. Note for curious – today even Chinese factories make shoes of the highest quality. Created models meet the strictest requirements for quality. So they can easily be found in boutiques of Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, and United States. Once I have happened to buy down-padded coat of Chinese production at prestigious boutique of brand-name products in Milan. It was Versace. Surprisingly, a shop assistant answered easily that it is in the order of things nowadays.

Today China has reached the leading position in the shoes production. According to experts, the volume of production in China now exceeds 10 billion pairs of shoes per year. It is somewhere a half of the total quantity produced in the shoemaking industry. China has about 20 thousand shoe enterprises; this industry employs around 6 million workers and specialists. So, the idea that China just can churn out cheap slippers and sneakers is out-of-date stereotype. Nevertheless, if China exports only qualitative factory-made goods to Russia but not fakes from frontier areas, such opinion will die out in our society.”
One of the three pillars of “Shagal” shoe gallery success is creative approach of doing business even in small things. For example, design for each of shoe shelves at “Shagal” showrooms is thought over individually for concrete models. Being a hostess, Irina Yaroslavtseva always comes up with ideas. And experienced designers of the “Krait” company help to implement adding their own creativity.

“Special pride for “Shagal” is the quality of service. Here people are not nervous due to the sluggishness of the staff. Our shop-assistants are not just clever but also competent, polite and able to suggest a right pair of shoes to any customer.”

“Most our shop-assistants are certified professionals who completed special training taught by experienced tutors of the Business & Business Centre” - Irina told with a smile. – “Shagal” shop-assistants improve their skills visiting advanced training courses regularly. Moreover, two thirds of my team have higher education or have been studying at the university. For all that, literate people are nice to deal with and our customers appreciate that”.

In today's world customers can acquaint themselves with “Shagal” proposals of fashionable shoes and accessories in virtual space. Shoe Gallery has started up its website: шагал.рф. It contains all the information about sales, fashion shoe shows. It`s filled with premium advertising photo shoots performed by best photographers of Krasnoyarsk. Soon “Shagal” will provide every one with a possibility to buy favorite shoe model or accessory making an order online. It`s our originality. And it`s more convenient than traditional Internet-shops as people will be able to do shopping using only one resource. It`s like a principle: do shopping where you see first what you need. E-buying is definitely the current trend. Another important advantage of our web-site is exhaustive information of different promotions (discounts, sales, raffles of valuable prizes, and etc.). “Shagal” is profuse in such campaigns.

“I also have a little romantic idea. I`d like to create a shoe museum in Krasnoyarsk. Here visitors could see and touch, and try on shoes which our parents, grandparents or other ancestors worn at different times”, Irina Yaroslavtseva shared. “I think that would be interesting for Krasnoyarsk. In original manner such museum would emphasize the human love for the beautiful. Collection of the “Shagal” shoe gallery is imbued with such feeling”.